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erection angle/rigidity
  • 121212 November 2011
    Hello.. I have been reading this forum and have noticed a good amount of people talk about really rigid erections or high erection angles that are unable to be moved very much. This has got me thinking since I have always had similar problems..maybe this is a common theme among people who get HF?. so i have a few questions..
    1. Do you have a very high erection angle (pointing up towards the ceiling when standing)? Has it always been that way? as you have begun to improve your hard flaccid condition, has that had any type of effect on your erection angle (has it come down, ect.?) (i am curious as to whether or not people on this forum seem to have higher erection angles...might this be potentially due to excessive involuntary kegeling/clenching throughout our lives which over strengthened the muscles at the base of the penis forcing the erection upwards??)
    2. anyone experience tightness at the base of their penis even before the HF condition came on?
    3. erection rigidity? erection rigidity before HF on set, during HF, and during/after treatment? Do your erections sometimes feel too hard?
    4. penis mobility while flaccid and while erect. how flexible is your penis when erect and when flaccid? has this changed now that you have HF? has it changed as you have begun to improve your condition?
  • 121212 November 2011
    my responses
    1. I have always had a really high erection angle that points up towards the ceiling when standing.. with HF it is basically the same thing. In the past i always clenched/kegeled involuntarily during an erection and had no idea that this was something to avoid.
    2. Have had extreme tightness at the base of the penis for as long as i can remember. It is the same now with HF. It seems to have a great deal of variability as well- can be mushy sometimes and harder other times.. during an erection the base always seems to be harder and more tight than the rest of my penis.
    3. Erections have always been extremely rigid. Even now with HF.
    4. my erect penis has always had very very little ability to be moved. Flaccid penis in the past(before hf) has also seemed to be less flexible and movable than it should have been. Even in a flaccid state (before HF) i remember it not being able to be pushed down too much (so that the head of the penis faces the ground)- I am thinking that my HF symptoms have really just slowly been developing over a long long period of time.

  • obitoo November 2011
    I did. I concluded that it was due to extra tightness of the suspensory ligament. It's literally the only thing having to do with erection angle at all, and it's extra tight along with everything else down there. PT cleared this up as well.
  • iosu November 2011
    That was my problem before HF. My erections were extremely hard and almost with no flexibility, always pointing to my stomach. The reason I think caused me the HF was because inclining the penis too much down in this erections, probably having the pelvic floor in a bad state before trying this.

    So Obi, you too had this erection angle problem, and you say it's just tightness of the suspensory ligament? So, we were dealing with pelvic floor problems for very long time before HF? I always had this super erections and small flexibility thing, since my first erections as a Kid.
  • 6yearsAgo November 2011
    My erection always have pointed straight up.

  • obitoo November 2011
    I'm just saying that the whole CPPS thing pre and post HF, made my suspensory ligament much tighter than normal. At times it was so tight it was sore. And it's since gone back to normal.
  • 121212 November 2011
    Iosu- as you been working on your HF,going to PT ect. has your erection angle started to come down at all or is it still pointing straight up? Has working towards curing hard flaccid given you more flexibility?
  • iosu November 2011
    121212 said:

    Iosu- as you been working on your HF,going to PT ect. has your erection angle started to come down at all or is it still pointing straight up? Has working towards curing hard flaccid given you more flexibility?

    The problem is, my erections are worse since I have HF, so now I have much more flexibility when I have an erection. I was thinking a lot about what can happen If I cure myself to the point I was before all of this, If my erections will be extremely rigid again or more normal.

    I can tell you anyway to not try to incline the erections too much down, I was trying to put my penis looking to the ground the day before HF hit me, that same night while I was sleeping I felt wierd things in my perineum and anus. I got pelvic floor congestion and Hard flaccid since this. I probably caused too much pressure to the muscles there.

  • chasseur November 2011
    1) Yes, it pretty much touches my stomach when I'm laid down. I acquired this angle after HF. I haven't had a HF issue for quite some time, but I still get the abnormal angle among other things. When sitting though, its angle looks normal.
    2) Never felt any tightness in the base of my penis before HF. After weeks in HF, I started feeling something very tight which is causing all my angle/curvature/erection problems, like I mentioned in another topic. I'm still unsure whether this is related to something like Lymphangiosclerosis or CPPS.
    3) My erections are soft, with loss of girth. They used to be hard, just like it should be. Definitely this thing at base has messed up the chambers or sustainability of my penis, giving a soft and weak erection.
    4) When flaccid, very flexible, the odd thing is it completely falls to its left and if I get it half inflated, it looks like it's been detached from its base. When erect, very flexible too (weak sustainability at base).
    If I masturbate using my whole penis body, the right side of my penis' base seems to become very inflamed and extremely tight, again like I mentioned in another topic, it kinda feels like a cord that goes from my penis' base till my anus area.
  • obitoo November 2011
    Lymphangitis effects the lymph vessels, not the suspensory ligament, so if you do have LS it's got nothing to do with this angle thing. Maybe you have both, LS should be easily diagnosed. It can be seen with the naked eye. Tightness is the perineum alone can cause erection problems, it's just basic constriction and pressure on te blood vessels. Hard to say what's going on there, I'd get to a doctor to at least rule out the LS thing.
  • mrfriend November 2011
    to the guy above, interesting. I didn't know you had a loss of girth as well. I have a loss of girth due to my corpus spongiosum (the back most chamber of the penis) not filling up, or rarely filling up, and of course soft glans. Has anyone else had this loss of girth like me before? Just asking
  • iggle24 November 2011
    my corpus spongiosum now fills again....just shooting that out there to those of you particularly worried about that symptom...time helped me with that one
  • obitoo November 2011
    mrfriend said:

    to the guy above, interesting. I didn't know you had a loss of girth as well. I have a loss of girth due to my corpus spongiosum (the back most chamber of the penis) not filling up, or rarely filling up, and of course soft glans. Has anyone else had this loss of girth like me before? Just asking

    Who told you it isn't filling up? Did you have a test that showed that? Are you just assuming that? It's so unlikely that it's pretty much impossible. It is FAR more likely that it's just contracted muscle, which is a normal part of HF. Making claims like this are dangerous to yourself and the people who might read it, unless it has been proven with a test.
  • mrfriend November 2011
    Oh well let me restate my claim then. I could, rather say, thaat this corpus spongiosum is not nearly filling up as much as it used to. Sometimes, to the point it doesn't seem to fill up at all. And I put this out there, knowing that I know tht my glans do not fill, looking at another part of my organ that doesn't seem to fill, seems to do just that. Not fill, but it probably is getting some blood. I also look at it that way because I have lost a considerable amount of girth and the corpus spongiosum seems to feel like part of my penis that remains in a HF state even into erections, with no give. So yes, once out of many erections, I will notice I get my girth back, because I look at and feel my penis, and can quite honestly, know that it at LEAST isn't filling up nearly as much as it used to, just like the soft glans many of us have here.

    And secondly, Otheres have described this symptom as well, right next to soft glans, which is why I am addressing it. So I won't claim it without the medical screening evidence. However, I will ask if others have experienced a similar symptom, which I have had told to me through conversations with these individuals time and time before. And it isn't just for the sake of putting my head to rest. This is a community, and we are trying to find answers, and we are pretty certain this is a muscular issue. Knowing this, we know that the glans don't fill due to the dorsal not being sealed up because a certain muscle or band of muscles are not doing their job. Well, the same concept may be happening for the inflation of the corpus spongiosum, which I will be asking my urologist on the 23rd, as he is familiar with this condition. This makes it also at least worth it to see if others may have this problem. I wasn't saying ALL blood flow from the area may be gone. I was only implying the question, "Does anyone else have greatly diminished blood flow to the corpus spongiosum during erections?"
    That's all obitoo. And I sent you a private message, I just would kind of like your input on this part since you are without a doubt, more expereinced and have been more through physical therpay than me, so I really value your input there. Sorry for contributing a detrimental post up there. Didn't mean too.

    Heads up guys :)
  • HFproblem November 2011
    Soft glans pretty much goes hand in hand with a deflated corpus spongiosum. They basically work as one. Search soft glans on google and read the forums about it. Almost everyone with it's spongiosum is also deflated.

    I have the same thing. If the glans is deflated, so is the Spongiosum. If the glans miraculously inflates, so does the Spongiosum.
  • obitoo November 2011
    Well how would they possibly fill if the smooth muscle is in a constant state of constriction? You wouldn't be able to fill a balloon with water if it was wrapped with duct tape. See what I'm saying?

    I just don't want people to get the impression of something wrong with the actual blood vessels or tissue. That's all.
  • chasseur December 2011
    How are you guys with erections issues coming along?
    I haven't gotten much progress yet, I know I'm actually not doing anything but, my girth seems to be getting back to normal.
    On the other hand, all my morning woods are imperceptible, before i would get a extremely weak erection, now it seems that the penis fills up better but i don't feel it at all.

    From last weekend to now, I've been feeling headaches, fever and ache in the neck after masturbating - actually any physical activity. I must say that this got me a bit more worried, thinking if this could be related to my problem or not (since it's still unknown).
    Hopefully it's just a flu from being exposed to cold and air conditioned all day.

    I will get some blood tests done this weekend and am planing on seeing another doctor next week.

    I'm particularly interested in hearing any progress from those with erection issues, as we share a lot of symptoms.

    Keep it up.
  • yaka December 2011
    Some days I can now get standing erections where I couldnt ever before. I can always maintain them now even if I have to get one from sitting. I usually dont have that rigid feeling anymore as well. But sometimes if Im standing at a certain angle I can.
  • Nick1992 December 2011
    Are you guys getting help from a professional?
  • yaka December 2011
    Im not. Just working out my own trigger points as I find them
  • chasseur December 2011
    Ok, got my blood work done - checked hormones, urine, and other things. All seem fine, nothing out of balance.

    The fever was just a flu.

    How's everyone's progress going? For me so far, no more HF, getting my girth back (slowly) and that's about it.

    I haven't had a hard flaccid issue for about two months. However, my erection angle/rigidity issue, odd shape at base and weak morning woods are still there.

    I did a small graph showing what my current condition is like, it can be seen here:


    Explaining the graph:

    (A) When lying, it seems that my penis lost its sustainability / has been misplaced and that's what gives me the extremely weak morning woods, the need to stand up to let the blood draw away and the curvature towards my stomach.

    (B) is what it looks like after an erection (specially after masturbation), the bottom part of the base gets swollen giving it an odd look. The swollen goes away after half an hour or so.

    (C) the view of an erection when standing, it seems that the left "chamber" isn't filling up properly, it also seems like it's been pushed in towards the perineum.
    Its rigidity here is soft and, by palpitating the base, I feel something like a strong chord going from my inner perineum area up to defining the erection angle. Sometimes I feel it on the left side and other times on the right side.

    There's clearly something going on in the base, funny that 3 dopplers, blood work and other exams didn't show anything strange. Time for a PT!

    Does anyone share the symptoms pictured in the graph?

  • obitoo December 2011
    I would guess that you've still got some kind of compression happening somewhere internally, probably in the perineum. Probably still a fair amount of muscle tension and constriction as well. It's great that the HF is improved, just need to get at the rest. Will look forward to hear what your PT says. Perhaps they can help pinpoint some specific muscles which could be causing this for you.
  • JohnnyCash September 2012
    Obi, sorry for bumping an old thread.
    I'm very intersted in knowing if your erection angle got back to normal after getting rid of CPPS?
    My erection is so rigid to the point of pain and it points in such an high angle that positions such as girl on top are impossible for me since it cant be bent down in any way.
    It will be a serious motivator for me knowing that i can get rid of this symptom as well.
  • obitoo September 2012
    Mine is fine.
  • meow September 2012
    All of this stuff is related...everything will resolve together! Please stop asking why?how? what? where? stop confronting this roadblock...simply flow around it. There is sufficient information in this forum to heal yourself. Nothing more to debate
  • obitoo September 2012
    meow said:

    All of this stuff is related...everything will resolve together! Please stop asking why?how? what? where? stop confronting this roadblock...simply flow around it. There is sufficient information in this forum to heal yourself. Nothing more to debate

    Pretty much. Things are going to start getting nice and clean around here soon.

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